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The Jacomo Sailing Club considers safety (especially on-the-water) to be of major importance. We strive to run the club in a safest manner possible and conduct races with safety in mind. This tab is intended to be a source of safety related information that you can use to build your safety awareness. These checklists are intended to be a reminder of safety related things you may have forgotten or gotten out of the habit of doing. Do a quick review before you start the season. New or novice sailors should find it helpful as well.

The Race Committee (RC) is equipped with throwable personal flotation devices (PFDs) and usually has an inflatable raft available to assist in rescue. There is also an attached ladder in the front of the RC boat to aid in boarding if you are in the water. A lightning detector, weather radio and marine/shore communications devices are usually on board as well. The small runabout can also be dispatched by the RC for sailor assistance and rescue. Be aware that the RC's primary responsibility is personal safety, not equipment.

You can find information on general boating safety/rules as well as sailing information in the links below.

Missouri law requires all vessels to carry the following equipment:

A Coast Guard approved, wearable life jacket for everyone on board, of the proper size, in good condition and readily accessible.

If your boat is 16 feet or longer, then you are also required to carry a Coast Guard approved throw-able device.

All vessels from 16’ to 40’ shall have a sounding device, such as a horn or a whistle.


Sailors are encouraged, but not required, to carry a portable handheld VHF radio on board. Jacomo Sailing Club monitors Channel 72. Race information and general information may be offered, and if you need assistance, please hail the Race Committee or nearby sailors.

REMEMBER: It is a fundamental principle of maritime law that the skipper is responsible for the safety of his or her vessel and its crew.


Remember "If thunder roars, go indoors" because no place outside is safe when lightning is in the area. Everyone should stay indoors until 30 minutes after they hear the last clap of thunder.  Weather on Lake Jacomo can change quickly, so keep a close eye on the forecast and any lightning activity using a Live Lightning Map

Links to more Safety-related Information:

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Severe Thunderstorms

Types of PFDs (life jackets):

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Missouri Boating Guidance:
Missouri Handbook Right of way: see pages 14-17