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HomeBernie P. Kuse Portsmouth Handicap Championship

Bernie P. Kuse Portsmouth Handicap Championship

This award was donated in 2002 by Charlie Brown to honor the winner of the annual Portsmouth Handicap Championship. He competed in the Demon class and later the C Scow class in the club. Bernie has been active in US Sailing and wasa winner of the 2002 John F. Gardiner Jr. Trophy.

Bernie has been very active in one design sailing but also has provided numerous reports on one design performance to the Portsmouth Handicap system.


Bernie Kuse continued dedication to sailing and his resolve have helped make sailing in the greater Kansas City area and the Central Sailing States enjoyable for all.


Bernie has truly been the pillar on which we have developed the club into the Kansas City's Sailing Resource. He has been able to provide his experience to all the one-design classes in our area to assist developing a stronger sailing family. He has given numerous free training Race Committee seminars around the area. He provided his services for one design and other events to manage and run race committees for regattas and events throughout the Midwest (CSSA). His skillful management of the numerous Regattas has made it an enjoyable event for all attendees. He has served as one of the prime appeals and race judges in our area.


His great determination and willingness to provide his help has promoted one design sailing in our area. Bernie has been an active member of US Sailing and Jacomo Sailing Club since the early 1960's. Bernie has greatly improved the skills of skippers representing the Jacomo Sailing Club and Midwest area sailing. He has offered his services for basic sailing, racing and race management classes.

The event is scheduled during the sailing season each year and all boats from all fleets are eligible to compete.

The traveling award is a glass sailboat on a wood base.


Year Skipper Class Sail# Year Skipper Class Sail#
2001 Kevin Kuse C Scow KC 227 2009 Ken Kuse C Scow KC 27
2002 Kevin Kuse C Scow KC 227 2010 Lynn Adkins C Scow KC 12
2003 Ron Hauser E Scow KC 1 2011 Lou Joline Sweet 16 517
2004 Ken Kuse C Scow KC 27 2012 Todd Pesek C Scow KC 7
2005 Ken Kuse C Scow KC 27 2013 Todd Pesek C Scow KC 7
2006 Dan Lewis Windmill 4339 2014 Barry Skikne Windmill 4350
2007 Kevin Kuse C Scow KC 227 2015 Rob Mayer C scow KC 117
2008 Kevin Kuse C Scow KC 227 2016 Barry Skikne Windmill 4350
* * * * 2017 Rob Mayer C Scow KC 117
        2019  Bill Mendel MC Scow 1068

Racing Results

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2012 2011