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This race started in 1998 to create an exciting finale to our racing season. The race is a long distance event over a course set to circumnavigate the entire lake. All boats sail as one handicap fleet.  The TRANSJAC TROPHY is awarded to the 1st place skipper.

The Don McClymont Trophy, new in 2010, is a 2nd place award for the TRANSJAC race. The award is named in honor of Don MacClymont, an active racing sailor who contributed his wealth of sailing knowledge and competitiveness to the midwest sailing community. Don generously supported and participated in many club events on or off the lake during his many years with the Jacomo Sailing Club. He was one of our greatest members and this trophy honors his memory.

John Kling Memorial TRANSJAC

Year Skipper Class   Year Skipper Class
1998 Hope Green Hobie 14 2008 Lynn Adkins C Scow
1999 Kevin Kuse C Scow 2009 Karen Hawkins Capri 25
2000 Kevin Kuse C Scow 2010 Ken Kuse C Scow
2001 Kevin Kuse C Scow 2011 Ken Kuse C Scow
2002 Kevin Kuse C Scow 2012 Todd Pesek C Scow
2003 Ken Kuse C Scow 2013 Rob Mayer C Scow
2004 Ken Kuse C Scow 2014 Rob Mayer C Scow
2005 Kevin Kuse C Scow 2015 Rob Mayer C Scow
2006 Leonard Hock Sweet 16 2016 Barry Skikne
Sweet 16
2007 Todd Pesek C Scow* 2017 Barry Skikne
        2019 Rob Mayer C Scow

Don MacClymont Trophy Winners

Second Place

Year Skipper Class   Year Skipper Class
1998 Ken Kuse C Scow   2008 John Kling Sonar
1999 Todd Pesek C Scow   2009 John Kling Sonar
2000 Ken Kuse C Scow   2010 Todd Pesek C Scow
2001 Rob Mayer C Scow   2011 Peter Heausler Sweet 16
2002 Todd Pesek C Scow   2012 John Kling Sonar

2003 John Kling Sonar   2013 Barry Skikne Windmill
2004 Kevin Kuse C Scow   2014 Barry Skikne Windmill
2005 Todd Pesek C Scow   2015 Barry Skikne Sweet 16
2006 Barry Skikne Sweet 16   2016 Rob Mayer C Scow
2007 Don MacClymont* C Scow   2017 Trafton Creemer Sweet 16
        2019 Bill Mendel MC Scow

Complete Race Results
2019 2017
2016 2015
2012 2011